September 19-21,2016
The Bellagio
Las Vegas

Video credit courtesy of MFE.

Humphreys & Partners Architects has designed a stunning, state-of-the-art Next Generation Apartment.

The concept was presented at the Multifamily Executive Conference in Las Vegas on Tuesday, September 20th 2016.


In the apartment of the future, the way we drive, park and store our vehicles has evolved. Whether it’s a driverless car or flying drone, we envision a robotic parking system with a V.I.P landing pad that will serve several units by moving vertically outside the building. We anticipate that cars will also be able to park themselves and apartments will have personal car suites housed inside of top-floor penthouse suites.

Residents will enjoy high-end amenities suited to their on-the-go lifestyle such as key-less entry access, gas cooktops, larger closets and glass recycled countertops.

Our society is moving more towards a lifestyle of sustainable living so we designed our building to utilize battery-powered electricity sources with wall-mounted packs, solar charging glass window systems and green walls. These vertical planting system collect rainwater, harvest both solar and wind energy and recycle grey water, then reuses it to grow vegetable gardens.

Engineering an apartment for the future means using new and sustainable materials, our designers propose a structural system comprised of light weight, yet incredibly strong carbon fiber. A kinetic façade exterior will create a sense of energy and movement combined with energy efficient LED lighting.

We have found that the future also points to consumer and commercial drone technology. Throughout our project, landing spaces are prevalent including a full-scale rooftop landing pad. Delivery drones will be able to drop off packages into a secured pod. The pod is then lowed buy an elevator-type system and personally handed to the resident by a second drone to their door.

We foresee the apartment of the future to be more high tech, sustainable and smarter than the ones we live in today and the designers and engineers at Humphreys and Partners are ready to help you create, support and build that vision. Learn more about us and our future building capabilities at

Special thanks to JTurner Reseach, who surveyed the preferences of 85,000 renters to gain valuable insight regarding technology, lifestyle and design. To view this research, click here.